Sweat Equity

Huntingdon Area Habitat or Humanity requires families to contribute 300 hours of sweat equity. Sweat equity is a foundational concept for Habitat for Humanity and helps to provide:

Sweat equity provides the opportunity for meaningful interactions between the new homeowner family and the Habitat affiliate representatives and volunteers.

Pride in Ownership
Investing in sweat equity hours in building their home helps families in the construction phase to begin their transition to homeownership.

Development of skills and knowledge
By actively participating in the building of their home, homeowners will gain an intimate understanding of their home that will help them to maintain their house after occupancy.

One hundred hours of work need to be on the construction site.
Family partners (new homeowners) do not have to have previous experience.  They will learn new skills under the guidance of skilled volunteers. Friends and family can help contribute hours over the 100 on-site house required of the new family partners.

Non-building, activities may count toward sweat equity hours.
– Prepare meals or snacks for workers
– Help in the Habitat office
– Clean up on the site. Pick up and unload materials.
– Learn new skills by attending workshops in budgeting, home repair, etc.
– Attend school toward developing new job skills
– Provide childcare so that the homeowner can work at the build site