Owning a Habitat Home

Huntingdon Area Habitat for Humanity builds and rehabs affordable homes for low-income individuals and families who demonstrate a housing need. Our service area is Huntingdon County, PA. We have built houses from the ground up as well as rehabilitated older houses.

Habitat for Humanity is an equal opportunity program. Applicants are selected based on their need for housing, willingness to partner with us, and their ability to pay the mortgage. Individuals from all races, sexes, and creeds are encouraged to apply.

There are three basic requirements for eligibility to become a Family Partner.

1. Income requirement
A family must meet income guidelines, including having a minimum annual income of $24,000. Income guidelines assure us that the family will own an affordable home and not be burdened by the cost. For a family of four, for example, the income guideline is between $30,250 minimum income and $48,400 as an upper limit. For a family of four this would mean an approximate weekly, before taxes income between $600 and $900. Recent mortgage payments (which also include taxes and insurance) have been around $600 for families of two to fourĀ  people.

A Family Partner does not have to have perfect credit, but their credit must be showing improvement and they must be able to make their mortgage payments as well as other outstanding debts.

Habitat sells the home to the Family Partner using a zero interest mortgage.

2. Housing need
A potential Family Partner must have a need for better housing. They may be living in a house that is not safe or properly maintained, is overcrowded or is too costly based on their income. Families living in public housing are also eligible.

3. Partner with Habitat
A potential partner family must be willing to contribute at least 300 hours of sweat equity hours in helping to build their home. The family will meet regularly with a mentor to plan and prepare for becoming a homeowner.