Brush with Kindness

Our Brush with Kindness program began in 2017 with the mission to help low income homeowners preserve the livability of their homes so they can stay in them safely.

Between 2017 and late 2022 we have completed 46 projects, mostly handicap ramps and repairs to unsafe stairs and porches.  We have also done some interior work such as grab bars and handrails, minor ceiling repairs and very occasional plumbing. 

We are limited in our projects due to the availability of volunteers or volunteers with specific expertise. Projects need to be small enough to complete in a day or two. Unfortunately, we are not able to do roof repairs.

Our labor is free, but we expect the homeowner to pay part of the cost of materials.  If they are unable to do that, we will help them search for outside funding.

Who is Eligible?

Low income homeowners who need assistance and are unable to hire a contractor are welcome to call or email for details and to see if we are able to help.